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Forever Young

Living with Longevity Aging without vitality has sadly become the norm in our culture to the point where it’s expected to lose mobility, energy, and strength as one grow older. However, your later years can indeed be your greater years. Join our Forever Young workshop to understand the lifestyles of cultures renowned for their long

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Max T3

MaxT3 is a fun and friendly exercise class designed to get you in the best shape of your life no matter your age, abilities, or fitness level in just 12 minutes!

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Community Dinner

What would you lose if you lost your health? Unfortunately, every day more and more people are finding out the high cost of poor health choices. Our nation is in a state of crisis when it comes to our health, but there is hope, and right now is the only time to take action. Don’t

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Shop with the Doc

Build Health While You Shop Join us at King Soopers for a brand new look at the nutrition options you have at your local grocery store. The Standard American diet is filled with toxic, highly processed foods, and unfortunately this is most of what you will find on the shelves. However, Dr. Gall will shop

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